Legion de Fleurie – Light Infantry

Further to my previous post on the development of this imagi-nation formation, since the Ayton weekend I have made some progress. I have continued to put off doing the main battalion (through laziness), so it was the light infantry next. The tremendous Minden Legion d’Hainault grenadiers chose themselves for this and I have kept the uniform blue and red in line with my plans for the Legion as a whole. Basing comes next of course, but I’ve run out of pre-mixed plaster so have posted anyway. I intend to add a complementary unit of Crann Tara Royal Ecossais advancing figures (purchased at Triples) as the uniform is very similar and I think they’ll work well together.

Eventually the Legion de Fleurie will muster the following:

Commanding Officer
1 Infantry battalion (30 figures)
2 Light infantry companies (12 figures each)
2 Hussar squadrons (6 figures each)
1 Light gun (3 crew plus limber)

I’ve thought about also having a battalion gun with the main infantry unit but for now I think the light field piece will do.

The first picture suffers for light a bit, but hopefully you get the gist.



4 thoughts on “Legion de Fleurie – Light Infantry”

    1. Thanks Andy, hope it won't take too long to finish. Those 30 figure battalions are tiddlers for people who paint 54s! Colours are all Vallejo on black undercoat: Prussian Blue (on it's own as I wanted it fairly dark, and I'm lazy) and Flat Red over Hull Red. Cheers, Dave

    2. Is your Flat Red a recent purchase or an old pot? My old one is running out an the new one is a different shade. Not by much but enough that I much prefer the older one…

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