A Bit of Structure

With the Ayton painting deadline behind me I have been enjoying the freedom to dabble with various mini projects. Some scenery items have included finally (the receipt says September 2010!) constructing the GW Fortified Manor kit I’ve been intending to do. Say what you like about them, but this is a superb model and decent value – at least at 2010 prices! I’ve left most of the building components separate so I can use just part of it or change the configuration as I want for specific games. I’ve also added 2 floors in the tower so that figures can be placed within on the various levels. Although it’s a fantasy model, I left off many of the more ‘Warhammer’ options to keep it as generic as possible and it will see use in 17th century skirmishes and no doubt 18th and 19th century battles and games of Sharpe Practice. Painting it will be a bit of work however..

I also spent a few minutes (literally) painting this guard hut from Warbases that I’d bought and assembled a while ago. It’s nice and simple and will be a nice scenery piece to add to the table on occasion.

I’m also currently working on some pack animals and a bit of livestock – just for variety!

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