Recent Games 4 – Multi-player Swashbuckling

Another recent game that provided a lot of fun was a 4 player game set in the Three Musketeers era. A fictional island saw each player’s force come ashore to plunder a stricken ship and steal the King’s pay chest.

Everyone took potshots at each other, and various locals waded in too on occasion. Each player was allowed to hide a few figures beforehand as an advanced party, which could make a sudden appearance to add to the mayhem.

Ali Bitchin (named after a real Barbary Corsair of legend) is besieged in the chapel, after discovering that the chests he’d fought so hard to possess were empty:

Meanwhile, the sneaky Medetians, with Essex Boy in command, conduct a fighting withdrawal having gotten their hands on the real loot that had been hidden in the tavern:

It was nice to give this collection another run out, and as always the GW Lord of the Rings/Legends of the High Seas rules gave a quick and exciting game.

2 thoughts on “Recent Games 4 – Multi-player Swashbuckling”

  1. I love the battlefield and the figures, really nice atmosphere!
    Would you have a reference for the rules you used? Was it vanilla Legend of the High Seas, or a mix with Lord of the Ring? (Or are those two the same rules?) I’m interested in running skirmish battles / missions in a 17th century setting and researching which ruleset would bring quick and fun games. Thanks!

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