Some 15mm Sci-Fi Bits

I’m slowly coming back to this ‘period’, and am looking again at using the Dragon Rampant rules to provide a manageable, fun type of game.

While I’ve been pondering the rules, and avoiding painting any actual figures, I have managed to add a few bits of scenery that I was recently given by a generous soul. These will be general items to scatter around, or make part of the scenario as objectives or targets for destruction, etc.

These are MDF kits from Blotz. They’re easy to assemble and easier to paint. I tried to find a colour scheme that would go with both my terrain colours, and I think it’ll do.


2 thoughts on “Some 15mm Sci-Fi Bits”

  1. I didn’t realise that you were still playing around with 15mm Sci Fi. When I was tidying up my computer files recently I came across some rules I had started to write for 6mm and wondered if they might be able to be tinkered for 15mm. If I can find my 15mm stuff in the garage, i’ll have an experiment over Christmas! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Sounds good Paul! I keep trying to get started on some painting but haven’t got the focus for it yet. EB is intending to give it a go too, despite it not being a 20mm project!

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