More Colonial Irregulars

I’m planning to get as much use as I can out of the Gripping Beast plastic Arabs I painted for Ayton, which means using them for colonial games too. Yes, there are a few too many bows in evidence, but I’m not really bothered. That said, I’m adding some musket-armed figures to bring them a bit more up to date!

These are from First Corps’ SYW in India range. They’re a bit shiny despite 2 coasts of varnish but hey. I’ve used the same colour scheme as the medieval types and they should fit together OK.
I’ve painted, but yet to base, a further 6 plastic guys with spears, which takes me to 44 figures. I think I need another half pack from First Corps to get me to 48 (and increase the musket count), which will make a healthy total of 4 Sharp Practice groups of Wallahs.
Additionally there are 4 plastic figures I’ve done as artillery crew, which I just need to base too.
When done, I’ll get the whole lot together, with the leaders and cavalry, for a photo shoot. Then I just need to finish some scenery and we’re off to the conquer some jungle-clad islands in the name of Medetia!  🙂

2 thoughts on “More Colonial Irregulars”

  1. Great kitbashing. I am thinking of doing something similar with the Gripping Beast Arabs and Perry Zouaves… as well as Wargames Atlantic Afghans, Perry Afghans and Games Workshop Corsairs of Umbar!

    What am I am trying to figure out now is if I can somehow use Victrix/Wargames Atlantic/Wargames Factory Persians for this as well.

    1. That sounds like an interesting combination! It’s a good approach, as you can develop a force like that as you go, and as you find new figures you want to add in. I’m collecting a mix of figures with and without firearms, so they’ve got lots of potential to be re-purposed later.

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