The Savoy La Marine Regiment

After a fairly long break, a new regiment has joined my 18th century collection. This is the first of the Savoy regiments from the War of the Austrian Succession that will be part of my Fleurian imag-nations army of the same period. The reason for my choice of regiment is hopefully fairly self-evident; the red and green look superb together.

The figures are from the new Crann Tara Savoy range, plus a couple of battalion gunners from Minden Miniatures. The battalion gun is a Minden Prussian 3pdr. I was fortunate to have Dave Jarvis paint the figures, while Mark Allen did the flags, both hugely talented guys. I only did the gun and the basing, which still seemed to take me an age!

I’m reverting to 30-figure battalions for this period, having dabbled with 36s. Lots of reasons; flags in the middle, less to paint (when I actually do some myself), etc, etc.

Some more pics:






I hope to have another regiment completed over the winter and I’ll be adding a few things myself at the same time, all being well.

3 thoughts on “The Savoy La Marine Regiment”

  1. What a fantastic looking unit although as I'm more used to seeing smaller set ups from you that 6mm scale creep has taken a hell of a turn for the worse.

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