A Change of Scene(ry)

One thing I’m going to be needing in the future for my colonial Sharp Practice setting is some jungle. Fortunately I have an old, stalled, project to produce some jungle scenery so I’ve got something of a head start. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of work to do.

I’ll be making about 50 bases worth, containing a mix of plastic fish tank foliage and Games Workshop jungle trees. The former are on the bases already and the latter are assembled (although foolishly I didn’t paint them on the sprues first and it’ll take a lot longer this way!).
To get started, and provide myself with a bit of inspiration, I’ve finished a couple of samples and I think they look OK. Some will have rocks/boulders on them as well but this first pair just have the trees.
With a 28mm figure for scale:
Clumps of these bases should provide a decent jungle effect, and I can use taller normal trees behind them to add some height to the canopy. I’m a fan of multi-purpose hobby stuff, so these are nice and generic and might get some use in other scales and periods too, eg:
Only another 48 to go….

5 thoughts on “A Change of Scene(ry)”

  1. I used some of the very same aquarium plastic foliage for jungle when I was doing Darkest Africa 15 years ago. It is very effective and versatile, good choice

  2. I have a bunch of those Citadel jungle plants that I was trying to figure out how to best use. I like your use of them with the aquarium plants, although I might use more undergrowth.

    In the past I used a lot of round bases for terrain but I think I will switch to more irregular shaped bases like yours.

    The way your figure and terrain bases near seamlessly blend into your table cover is great but I can not see myself going back and rebasing my old figures. I wish I had seen your work sooner!

    1. Thanks – I’ve been using the same basing/terrain materials and pallet for a long time and it does pay off aesthetically. I have a mixture of round and irregular bases for scenery items, and I think they go together OK.

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