Quick Reference Sheet for Sharp Practice

During the games of Sharp Practice I played a few months ago I started to develop a QRS to aid play and reduce the amount of time I needed to spend hunting through the rules for things. Excellent though TFL rules are, the order of contents in some of their books can be a bit of a mystery!

I looked around and didn’t find much online. I liked what Arteis had produced and shared with the Yahoo group but decided I wanted something more condensed so that I could get everything on 2 sides of A4 paper (to be put back to back in a transparent sleeve and turned over as required).

In the end I went with MS Excel for ease of formatting and basically playing with text in boxes, and have got it pretty much as I want it now. It might not suit everyone (especially those who struggle with small text!) but I have decided to post links here and on the TFL forum in case it’s of use to anyone. I’ve used this QRS in a couple of games now and it works for me, speeding up play and stopping me getting lost in the rulebook.

Click Here for page 1

Click Here for page 2

6 thoughts on “Quick Reference Sheet for Sharp Practice”

  1. Thanks for the playsheets.
    We are planning to start playing Sharp Practice soon, and as newbies, I think your play sheets are excactly what we needed as final boost to take the plunge!

  2. A couple of problems on the firing Table. Under Light Troops skirmishing, Rifle row, at 36"-48" there is a "1". Believe it should be a "-". Modifier for First Fire should be +2D6 not +50%. Otherwise a very good job on getting everything needed on two pages.

  3. Thanks Mitch, that's quality proof-reading! The first one is a typo but I've no idea how I made the mistake with the first fire modifier! I've made these changes and swapped out a couple of references to the Cappuccino card (which I use for my games), so it now reads Tiffin card consistently. Cheers, Dave

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