Line Infantry Batch 1 Done at Last!

..And I am very glad to see them off the painting table, they’ve been there a while!

These are the first Fleurian line infantry, to go with the light troops I did in August and September. I started them in early October (I think) and although they haven’t been unpleasant to paint, it was a big batch and I struggled to keep my momentum up. That said, it may have been a good thing as over the same period I have fitted in some other painting and figure prep while avoiding them! The NCO and men are plastic Perry Austrian Napoleonics and the 2 officers are from their metal ranges.

20 done then, and plenty more to do, but there’s no urgency for those. I will need a handful more to make this lot into a regiment of 30 (including command) for next year’s Ayton game, but for now I have what I need: 2 groups of 10 and a few Big Men for Sharp Practice: Medetia vs Fleurie. I’ve finished a couple more Big Men as well but haven’t based them yet.

I hope to have a first solo game of SP at the weekend. Having made some alterations to the St Evian table from last week’s game I intend to play a small-ish scenario just to get used to the rules again.

A few more pics, taken with varied lighting as you can see:





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