One Year On

Today is the 1st anniversary of launching this blog, so happy birthday to The Medetian Wars. It’s been fun for me so far and I’ve really appreciated everyone who’s popped in to have a look and I’ve been especially grateful for all the positive, supportive comments. There have been over 6,000 page hits, which I think isn’t too bad for a new blog in a quiet corner of the hobby.

Although there has been the odd dip where real life has left little time for painting, playing or blogging, I’ve generally kept up a reasonable momentum of posts; about 6 a month. I think the blog has helped me keep projects moving to some extent so it’s been positive from that point of view too. Army of the Month petered out but shouldn’t have done really. I’ll resurrect it soon – once I can get some terrain out for a photoshoot!

On to year 2 then, and hopefully I’ll get some more gaming in to post about soon (doesn’t everyone say that?)…Anyway, it’s an opportunity for a few celebratory pics I haven’t posted before:





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  1. Happy anniversary! I really enjoy your blog and I'm looking forward to reading about your new projects, so keep it coming! Btw I always enjoy playing reports… 🙂

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