Dragoon Goodness

A pleasant arrival this week – I’ve just received a batch of painted figures from James Roach (Olicanalad to those that know him via his web persona). These are the second regiment of dragoons that James has painted for my 18th century Fleurian army, and I’m very pleased with them.

It’s a 12 figure unit, and I can pair it with another for the big Ayton games where 24s make a lot more sense on a 30ft table.

The flag took a bit of research as neither James nor I could find an illustration to go with the written description; eagle one side, castle the other. In the end James put his artistic talent on the case and came up with a very nice interpretation:


The figures are Minden Austrian dragoons, and they’ve been painted as the historical Austrian Wurttemberg regiment, although they’ll mostly do service under a Fleurian name. I chose this unit partly because their red coat/black cuffs match the previous Saxon Graf Rutowski regiment:

They look good in 12s but a double unit with 2 splendid red flags will work well together when the occasion demands. Now I just need to get the new arrivals based.

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