Chasseurs for Fleurie

Despite having a week away I am maintaining momentum with my Fleurian 19th century forces, and have finished the next group – a dozen light infantry Chasseurs to fight alongside the Voltigeurs from the previous post.

These are very nice figures from Perry Miniatures – early ACW militia in capes/greatcoats and full kit. With the shako they look nicely European so I have pressed them into Fleurian service. The colour scheme is basically the same as the Voltigeurs; green and red, with brown and grey kit.

I have another dozen of these to do including some command figures, some of which will be based as Big Men for Sharp Practice. I’ve made a start already so they should be the next finished figures I post.

Combined with the Voltigeurs they’ll give me a regiment of light troops for next year’s big multi-player imagi-nations bash at Ayton. I think that being able to form up (on their sabot-type bases) as well as operate in skirmish order will be very handy in the desert where ambush could lurk behind every bush or wadi!






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