Finally Some Fleurians

Last weekend’s game of Sharp Practice reminded me of my plans to paint the opposing side for my early 19th century Medetians. I’ve got most of the figures, I’ve just been busy on other projects and hadn’t made a start. This has now been remedied with an initial batch completed.

These are a dozen Fleurian Voltigeurs, ready to take the fight to Medetia’s Bersaglieri in the hills and forests of the borderlands. I have used the key Fleurian colours of dark red and light grey, and gone with dark green greatcoats. The line infantry will be in the same grey and red, with rolled green greatcoats on their packs, so things should tie in well.

These ‘Voltigeurs’ are actually Perry Isabelino infantry from their Carlist War range, which is great to delve into for post-Napoleonic imagi-nations armies. They were nice to paint but pretty awful to prepare and clean up. The number of small ‘worms’ from the casting process is pretty bad on many Perry figures it seems, and there’s always at least one left that you only find when you start painting!





I’ll be doing more Fleurian light infantry next, a couple of units of Chasseurs. Then it’s leaders (Big Men), line infantry and artillery. Cavalry will generally be hussars borrowed from the 18th century armies and deliberately single based for this very reason.

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