Seven Years War Austrians

I’ve had a short break from the War of 1855 campaign – it’s been a bit hot and I’ve been a bit busy. However, the terrain from the last game was still on the table and I thought it might look good for some pics of another army.

These are some of my Austrian SYW (and WAS of course) 6mm army. I’ve deployed 20 battalions of regulars and 4 of Grenzers, plus 3 batteries of artillery and commanders. This represents half the target size for the army, which is about 70% done. There’s also the cavalry, which I didn’t set out, of which I’ve done 20 of the intended 32 units.

It’s been a few years in the making, but it’s getting there. The Prussians have recently overtaken them in terms of completed numbers, so I’ll aim to post some pics of them sometime.

2 thoughts on “Seven Years War Austrians”

  1. Lovely set up Dave. I do like 6mm armies and can I say how impressed I am by your lovely terrain. Well done.

  2. The troops and terrain look superb.

    My own 6mm Austrians have just had one battle to date, I’m having trouble pinning down my opponent and his Prussians. Which of course means I need to paint my own Prussians.

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