The Rhine War of 1855 – The Battle of Weinstadt, part 2

The battle was heading into its final stages and, with heavy attrition around Weinstadt, it appeared to be turning into a race between the British landing their blow from the flank, and the Bavarian reserve cavalry arriving in time to intervene.

Fighting continues around Weinstadt, the village itself remaining relatively untroubled
Losses mount up among the attackers
Fighting intensifies for the road junction

The first of the British to appear on the south side of the river were the Rifles, who led the way over the bridge. Although they were forced to retire after taking canister fire from enemy artillery, they had successfully cleared a path for the following battalions.

The Rifles cross the bridge and engage the defending Bavarian horse battery

To the east, the Bavarian cavalry reserve was just coming onto the field, cantering forward to try to turn the tide.

To the relief of the Bavarian commander, his cavalry division finally arrives
The British infantry have crossed the bridge and form up for a flank attack
The redcoats charge! It’s too much for the Bavarians who give way
Too late, the Bavarian cavalry reach the action. Their main role will be to act as rearguard to cover the retreat of the Corps

On the other flank the French had launched several assaults on the south side of Weinstadt’s hill, being thrown back each time. Finally, a combined arms attack from two sides overcame the defenders who were forced to retreat through the streets and down through the camp below the town.

French cuirassiers prepare to charge again, supported by infantry
The battlefield at the point the Bavarians’ moral crumbled

So, the Battle of Weinstadt was a victory for the allies, who had managed to shore up the eastern approaches to Stuttgart before the full weight of the enemy could combine against them. The Bavarians, having now fought 2 battles, had been sent packing and would need some time to recover.

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