Recent Games 2 – Rangers of Shadow Deep

This continues to be an entertaining and challenging game. A recent 2-player session, with a ranger and small posse each, saw us rattle through 5 of the scenarios from the main rulebook. Casualties were relatively light, but brushes with death commonplace!

Next time round we’ll start on the Convent Mission.

The bridge guard game, Orcs substituted for Gnolls:


The stairway down, fly holes and difficult ground to negotiate:



3 thoughts on “Recent Games 2 – Rangers of Shadow Deep”

    1. I admit that this is the one thing I didn’t put any effort into. I’m not bothered about having 15mm giant flies in my collection so just used small round markers in the game. My bad! ☺

  1. Wow mate, this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been working towards and dreaming of the past year.
    Everything looks brilliant

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