Current Projects

Although I haven’t taken any pics yet (bases still to finish…), there has been a fair bit of hobby progress in a scatter-gun sort of way.

I have recently been working on;

  • 28mm VBCW sailors to round out my Royal Navy force, for this year’s big game at the Ayton weekend with the LAW forum guys.
  • Diecast and mdf vehicles to go with the above
  • 28mm 17th century figures for general swashbuckling, and possibly Pikeman’s Lament games in the future
  • 28mm Woodland scenics tree sprues. They’ve got endless sharp points and are nasty buggers to work with. After moderate damage to my hands I have 12 more ready to base to add to my snowy winter setup
  • 15mm Dark Ages figures, which is an on-going tidying up exercise that is getting there slowly
  • 10mm Napoleonic Bavarians for 1809, these are my first ever attempts to paint 10mm and I did find them a bit tricky. I wasn’t sure whether to try to think of them as big 6mm or small 15mm. Still, in the end I think they look OK based for DBN. I need to try some Austrians next
  • 6mm Austrian SYW – 2 more battalions, with scaled down Warflag standards, which are working really well
  • General hobby room stuff to get things ship-shape (storage arrangements, getting the electrics and lighting sorted, etc). Still the final table to decide on, but in the meantime I’ve got a decent playing area
  • Starting to plan a couple of 4 player games that I’ll be hosting in July

Once I get something actually finished, bases and all, I’ll post pics!

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