Blotz Minaret

This is an MDF kit I picked up at Partizan, which I decided would fit well into my Frostgrave scenery collection. Blotz offer the same model in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. I went for the 20mm one as I thought it would make a more impressive piece for 15mm.

It was relatively easy to assemble, and the online instructions gave a useful tip about putting some weight in the bottom section for ballast. I loaded it with 2p pieces. I may base the model at some point to give it some steps up to the door and a bit more stability.

Some of the upper section needed painting before final assembly, which I realised just in time. It’s the sort of thing I usually spot just after I’ve applied the glue!

A couple of Battle Valor 15mm figures give it a decent sense of scale.






3 thoughts on “Blotz Minaret”

  1. How do you go abput achieving that snowy effect on all your pieces mate, becouse this is some top quality stuff right there, care to share the secret with a begginer?

    1. Hi Damian, it’s just white paint dry brushed on. I know there are lots of ways to make things look snowy but I just stick to paint!

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