A New Battalion for Savoy

This unit was finished off just in time for this year’s big 18th century gaming weekend at Ayton (which reminds me – I need to post my pics of this excellent event). It’s a converged Grenadier battalion made up of companies from the Savoy line battalions I have collected so far.

The figures are Crann Tara, and they were painted by the very talented Dave Jarvis. As my Grenadier battalions don’t carry flags I like to give them a bit of height on the centre stand, hence the mounted colonel.

Best of all, they didn’t embarrass themselves in their first outing. I didn’t actually end up commanding them, so that’s probably why!

I also managed to do a tiny amount of painting for Ayton myself – to the tune of 3 battalion guns. I had 3 bases of Savoy battalion gunners without the all-important cannon, so finally got caught up. These are Crann Tara/Minden Prussian 3 pounders, very nice pieces.



2 thoughts on “A New Battalion for Savoy”

  1. That battalion…
    So beautiful. That guy is a real artist.

    And like all the great commanders…. I held them back!
    To pretty to be the bare the brunt of a battery.

  2. Good to see you are out of prison. Day release is it? Mr Jarvis is a wonderful painter, but dont tell him that as he will ram a couple of quid on the price. Wonderful unit Dave hopefully we will meet up at an event or show soon.

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