Trying out To the Strongest

Although I’ve been pretty idle in terms of painting, I have managed to play a few more games recently. There were three goes at Dragon Rampant last weekend with a good friend, which were excellent fun – my first non-solo battles with these rules. We used the various forces I’d been trying out in solo games, pairing them off and fighting it out. Lots of fun, and plenty of beer. Fortunately I don’t have any pictures of that 🙂

That was after a visit to Hammerhead on the Saturday, which was worth popping along to. It’s good to see the enthusiasm of the participation games at this show, the venue is pretty good and there are plenty of traders too. I didn’t buy much but it was nice to wander about and bump into some friends – Purps, GM and Gary, for a catch up. I missed a ‘hi’ to Henry as he was embroiled in hosting his 18th century paintballing game!

Since then I’ve been investigating the To the Strongest rules from BigRedBat, and very interesting they are too. There are plans afoot for a 4 player get-together later this year for some 15mm ancients gaming – specifically the Punic Wars, and we’ve decided on (not without some debate!) using these rules for their benefits of grids for movement, ease of learning, and flexibility in terms of figure basing.

Quick pic here, and I’ll follow with some observations on my initial playtesting in the next post.


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