White Christmas

I’m not the only blogger to use this title this December – great minds think alike Phil O. 🙂

Naturally this isn’t a festive reference (as I haven’t finished work yet and am therefore not fully in the spirit), it’s about the next batch of SYW Austrians I’ve completed.

These are the first brigade of infantry, which includes a couple of battalions of grenadiers and 3 of musketeers. I do need to paint a brigadier, who’ll be along shortly.


I’m building the armies in brigade-sized batches, so that they grow in logical proportions and so that I can keep my interest up by switching between infantry and cavalry, Prussian and Austrian, and add the relevant commanders at the same time.

Next, though, will be some Austrian artillery and elite horse grenadiers for variety.

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  1. My comment moderation skills have taken a dive and I've managed to delete two very nice comments about this post. My apologies Ken and Chris At least I read and appreciated them before my ineptitude intervened!

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