Simple buildings for the islands

Now I’m back from my hols, I thought I’d follow up the last post with the other naval game scenery I finished in August:

As you can guess, they’re Monopoly buildings. I picked up a cheap set without chimneys from ebay and have decided on basic clusters of 3 houses for settlements and 2 hotels for industrial or military (ie. when placed next to an airfield or harbour) centres.

A quick paint job and I’ve got 4 town and 3 industrial bases, with enough to do the same again if I decide I need them.

I just need a handful of very simple trees now!

2 thoughts on “Simple buildings for the islands”

  1. Hi,
    One source for really tiny trees is to use the little brushes made for cleaning between one's teeth. They are pine-tree shaped, and have a wire core. Purchased in bulk from a dental supply source they should be pretty cheap.
    Chris Johnson

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