Nearly ready for Ayton 2015!

Only a few figures still to finish (6 cavalry, a general, a gun and a flag to be precise), and I’ll be done.

Just for once I’d really like to complete everything before the day of departure, but I can’t guarantee it. At least whatever happens I won’t be doing one of my usual 2 depressing last-minute tasks; painting bloody hussars or desperately waiting for the basing to dry! All the latter is done and the last (simple, native) cavalry are being painted in situ for this very reason.

I’ve just finished a flag for my irregular general Lippup Fatti. It’s a clip-art compilation comprising a scimitar, a crescent and an elephant, printed out on paper and coloured in/around. It’ll do, and should look better once the figures are painted..



The pre-weekend campaign has been very entertaining so far and I think it’s fair to say that there’s a lot of confusion, suspicion and back-stabbing going on, which I suspect was Iain’s plan all along. The setting is an 1880s Sudan-esque colonial country called Phetraea, where various imperialist imagi-nations are involved in preparing for a huge rebellion to sweep over them. Medetia is there of course, as are factions from about 8 other interesting and varied countries. There are a couple of new faces this year, which is excellent and they’ll be very welcome.

My force will be reasonably balanced, but fairly modest. Intended mainly for the post-Napoleonic period, my figures are generally too early for this late 19th century setting, but it’s not the sort of gaming event where this really matters. I expect to encounter everything from elephants and zulus, to picklehaubs, sombreros and armed nuns. There’s even a Friday evening pre-game (which better not go on too long into the drinking zone!) where each player takes the field with a character for some competitive wild boar hunting.

It’s going to be fun all-round and I’m really looking forward to it. Roll on the Bank Holiday weekend.
Salute too beforehand of course!

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