Mountain Gun

I decided to add something a bit different to my post-Napoleonic Fleurians – a mountain gun to accompany the light infantry on their raids and missions through rough terrain.

This is a Perry Miniatures set from their Carlist Wars range. There is also one more crewman with a telescope, who I’ll do later as a Big Man for Sharp Practice. I wouldn’t normally base a gun (and this one is only sitting on the base, not fixed to it) but it’s so small that it needed a bit of extra height once the crew were based. Even so, I still think it’ll be christened the ‘ankle biter’!

For Sharp Practice I’ll add a couple of light infantry to the crew to make it up to the normal 5 figure group. Clearly it won’t provide a lot of firepower but hopefully it will be an interesting piece to use in some scenarios.



4 thoughts on “Mountain Gun”

  1. Hi Dave, you've been busy! I really like what you done with them, uniforms and everything. This type of piece adds a lot of character to a wargame.

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