The Grenadier Guard

The Medetian Grenadier Guard, that is.

Following on from an earlier post where I mentioned the figures making up this unit, I have now finished the regimental standard and the bases, so they’re ready for the parade ground. This is a ’30’ figure regiment, although there are actually only 29 of them. For Sharp Practice it will provide 2 groups of 12 elite infantry. At Ayton they’ll probably be brigaded with the 1st Grenadiers, who look pretty much the same except for black equipment straps/crossbelts.

These are Victrix Old Guard Chasseurs (which my existing Medetian infantry are based on – albeit most of those have Tyrolean hat head conversions). I bought them on ebay, already painted by a talented chap who turned out to be quite local. I then altered some of the colours; trousers, epaulettes, tassels and some equipment. The flag template was designed in MS Excel, printed out and highlighted.

They’re based singly on washers for Sharp Practice, but for Ayton they’ll be on magnetised group bases for convenience and to fit in with the rules, as shown here. The separate officers and NCOs are Big Men for Sharp Practice but add a bit of style to the main unit.



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