Time For a Game

I have an evening to myself coming up this Friday and rather than waste it watching TV or an old film, I reckon it’s too good an opportunity to miss to have a solo game. Now I just need to decide what to play..

Without giving it much thought yet, my initial ideas include:

Something in 15mm (which I’ve not trotted out for a while), maybe one of:

  • Caesar at the Battle of the Sambre, for which I’ve got a scenario written up and ready to go
  • A 2nd Punic War clash
  • Rampaging Goths and Huns against the late Roman Empire
  • Or, a fantasy game – Dwarves vs Orcs as I haven’t really given the Dwarves a proper run out since painting enough for a decent game
Alternatively I could stick with 28s, and perhaps give the 18th century another go. I fancy re-fighting John Ray’s scenario ‘Attack on the Garrison at Tilsit’ which looks like a very interesting, compact encounter.
I’ll mull things over for a couple of days and probably decide on Friday. It’s too easy to view getting all the terrain, scenery and figures out just for a solo game as too much bother, but if I don’t make the effort from time to time, what’s the point? It’s always rewarding and I always feel it’s time well spent – so roll on Friday!
I’ll be sure to post, whatever the game ends up being.

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