Ponti di Spurlacco Part 2 – Deployment

Generals Amore and Bevue both looked at the ground they would fight over, and in particular the bridge which was the key. The way the land followed the river on either side of the border meant that each advanced guard would be able to easily push forward on its left, while having to cross the river to engage on their right.

General de Bevue, Fleurian aristocrat that he was, despatched the last of his chilled Sancerre and, via his ADC, ordered his forces as follows:

The Bravence infantry regiment was to march swiftly in column towards the bridge and engage any enemy it found there or on the way.
Both Jager companies were to cross the river before arriving in the area and make an immediate beeline for the village of Spurlacco, to hold it against the expected Medetian assault.
The artillery was to deploy in the centre and support everything else, while denying the opposite bank to the enemy.
The cavalry was to operate on the left flank, to prevent the enemy from crossing and threatening the army from that direction.

General Amore sent off a final love letter to his most local mistress and, from the saddle, gave orders to his Medetian units:

All the infantry was to push forward on the left, capture the village and swing right to take the bridge. The Weissach Grenz would operate on the extreme flank, using the spinney (boschetto) for cover.
The artillery would dominate the centre, while the cavalry would cross the river at the start of the action and drive the enemy’s lighter cavalry from the area around the farm, before pushing onto the high ground and making the Fleurian position untenable.

Sensible plans all round then, with more boldness from the Medetians and a bit more ‘wait and see’ from the Fleurians.

Here are some shots of the forces moving onto the battlefield.

From behind the Medetian line:

Fleurian Hussars move ahead of the rest of the army:


Medetian Cuirassiers on the right flank, with orders to wheel right and cross the river:

The Bravence Regiment massed to rush towards the bridge:

Fleurian light infantry ready to make an early descent on the Medetian border village of Spurlacco:

General view from behind the Fleurian left flank, morning sun on the water:

Everything’s set up for the battle then, so I just need to find some dice and try to remember how the rules work! Battle report next.

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  1. Fantastic stuff! Lovely figures, beautifully painted, on great=looking terrain. Really impressive set up. I'm looking forward to events unfolding.

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