Army of the month – An introduction

It occurred to me that with the nature of a blog being to tell an on-going story through updates, it was perhaps less suited to looking back or showcasing earlier stuff. So I’ve decided to instigate a review of my existing armies and forces, partly as an opportunity to do a bit of ‘show and tell’ on the blog and partly to build up a photographic record of the collections that otherwise spend their time hidden away in dark drawers (good for keeping direct sunlight off the paintwork but bad for enjoying the figures on display!)

So, from January I’ll be running a regular Army of the Month feature which, while it won’t necessarily contain pics of newly completed stuff (which will be the subject of specific posts anyway), will encourage me to get out my existing armies and possibly even get them onto the gaming table. It’ll also give me something to post about if I’m having a barren painting spell and there’s nothing happening hobby-wise!

Now I just need to clear a bit of space and decide which army to cover first…

Most of them are currently in here:

5 thoughts on “Army of the month – An introduction”

  1. Thanks guys, I've looked at the first candidate armies and it's always a case of 'I just need to paint XY & Z and then it'll be more finished and look better'! I'll have to start somewhere though so it may be something in 15mm with pointy sticks.

  2. Excellent idea Dave. It might inspire Andy to get his toys painted for his challenge (20 figures a day isn't it…. hahahahahahaha).


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