Five Parsecs – Initial Scenery

The first few games of Five Parsecs were played out across a 2 foot square, using the stuff I already had. Most of this came from my homebrew Space Bug Hunt game, but also a couple of gaming mats, plus some generic vehicles, cargo pieces, trees and rocks, etc.

Here’s my first test assembly, using the walls and floor tiles from the other game:

Lots of building blocks basically. Just don’t knock it all over in the first turn! The flat pieces are made from cork tiles, and the rest is mostly MDF.

Some other early games in progress:

Basically everything was pretty much grey, which is useful for generic military/industrial settings but can get a bit dull.

Next post, I’ll actually add a bit of colour!

5 thoughts on “Five Parsecs – Initial Scenery”

  1. That all looks fantastic!
    When you’re playing Five Persecs…. in 15mm do you stick with inches as written or reduce it to half or even to cm?
    I’m looking at “Space Station Zero” rules too, which seem similar and was thinking of using cm instead of inches.

    1. Thanks Paul! I stick with inches and it works really well, even though I’m generally only playing on a 2’x2′ board. I use a fair bit of terrain and cover, so a lot of the time there aren’t any clear shots at 20+ inches anyway. The ranges seem proportionate to the 15mm figure size, and movement feels like they’re making short tactical sprints. I have converted other games to cm, or halved the inches, for 15mm, which can work well too – I suppose it depends on the size of the board, the forces and the ranges – and your personal preference. Whatever you do will end up looking very good – all your stuff does! 🙂

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